Alzheimer's Laundry Day

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Magic Sink

on January 6, 2012

*Dad in the bathroom at the sink washing his hands and walks out, leaving the water running*

Me:  *from putting laundry away* “Hey Dad, turn the water off!”

Dad: “It’ll turn itself off in a minute.”

Me:  “No it won’t! It’s not a magic sink!”

Dad:  “Sure it is. It’ll turn itself off in a minute.  *as he’s walking over to sit down*

Me:  “Dad, you silly! Turn the water off!”

Dad:  “Naw, wait …till it turns itself off.”

Me:  *sigh and turn the water off*  “Daddy it doesn’t work that way!”

Dad:   *goes back to the bathroom and sticks his head in the door*  “Yes it does! See, it’s off! You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Me:  “Dad *in a very exasperated voice*  I just turned it off!”

Dad:  “Nope! I told you it would do it itself.”

Me:  “Whatever…”


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