Alzheimer's Laundry Day

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Women On the Way to the ER

on January 6, 2012

The nursing home had called and said that Dad’s face was swollen.  He tends to pick when he is anxious and he had picked a spot on his face till it was swollen and purple.  This was as we were headed to the ER…

Me: “Hey Dad, go to the bathroom and we’ll get your coat so we can go out to the VA.”

Dad:  “What are we going out there for?”

Me:  “For those spots on your face.”

Dad:  “Oh. Hey I want to show you something. Come here. See that? *points at TV where old episode of Two and a Half Men is on and Charlie Sheen’s character is hanging out with some half naked woman* Can we get me one of those on the way? Think they’ll have any of those at the VA?”


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