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I think the reason this stuff is so funny to me and to all the people that encourage my musings is that the stuff my dad says is totally out of character for him before Alzheimer’s…

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Dinner Time

It’s 3:15pm….guess where Dad is?  At the table in the common room, waiting for dinner.  Lifetime, Television for Women (where his TV seems to be perpetually stuck) must have gotten boring earlier than usual today.  Is it the same girl or a different girl who dies in every show on there?  Well, one advantage of Alz…there are no reruns!!

Me:  “Hey Dad, what are you doing?”

Dad:  “Waiting to ‘et’!”

Me:  “Dad, dinner isn’t for another couple of hours.”

Dad:  “I know. I’m just warming up my spot.”

Me:  “Don’t you want to go down to your room with me and visit while I get your laundry and change your sheets?”

Dad:  “Nope because I don’t want to miss dinner!”

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Velcro Shoes

Dad: “See those shoes by the wall? Are those mine?”

Me: “Yes, Dad, we picked them out at Kmart about a year ago.”

Dad: *shows me his feet*, “I like these better. They don’t have laces!”

Me: “Yep that velcro is some great stuff!”

Dad: “I like them! How’s my grandson?”

Me: *tells grandson story about new zipper side shoes he bought with his own money so he didn’t have to lace*

Dad: “See those shoes by the wall? Are those mine?”

Me: “Yep, those are yours.”

Dad: *shows me his feet*, “I like these better ’cause I don’t have to tie ’em! They sure put out some good food here! Hey, I got a question to ask you. See those shoes by the wall? Are those mine?”

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Dad:  “Cmere. I’ve got something to show you.”

Me: *oh crap this isn’t going to end well* “What you got, Dad?”

Dad: *whispering, grabbing his chest* “I have BOOBS!”

Me: “Those are MOOBS…man boobs. How come you’re telling me?”

Dad: “They just keep growing and I don’t know what to do about them. I thought you might want to do something!”

Me: “I’ll have my people get with your people and we’ll see what we come up with…” Alz is so funny most of the time!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  Alzheimer’s can be and is a very painful disease.  However, it has the most priceless, funny moments!  Feel free to join in, leave your own funny stories, or just read.  I hope this lightens your day, whomever you are!  Mostly, though, if you are in a similiar situation, I hope this makes a small bright spot in your day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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